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our unique approach

Based on ancient knowledge from oral traditions supported by vast experience in Epistemology, Noology and Social Cybernetics / Proportionalism.

Treat yourself to an encounter with your inner most beauty!

Core Values

Our values aspire to cultivate an essential quality from each center of energy of the human body, observing the integrity of the Being. Perseverance, Partnership, Abundance, Receptivity, Creativity, Ethics and Transparency.


To be a channel and to make available the access to deep and transformative feminine knowledge to support women who seek to remain connected with their Essence.


Improved self-knowledge, feminine empowerment, development of potentials and individuality, inner harmony and plentitude, deeper awareness of your beauty.

Dedicated practices are a way to enhance vital energy and create personal power. To increase our vital energy with practices is a daily act of self-love.

Each woman has her intrinsic nature, something beyond culture and education. Recognize and embrace your essence and live a full life, feeling comfortable on your journey.

A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over all other voices. A woman naturally connects with the mystery in nature. When one with her inner essence, her wisdom is her treasure.

The art of communication is one of the many gifts to unveil in your path. Be the muse that inspires harmony in all your relationships and enjoy the pleasure of relating with grace.


The information learned influenced, improved, and enhanced how I interact within the relationships I have with others and new relationships I would like to cultivate.

Manfred Pletz
Teacher / Single 35 yrs old


The wealth of knowledge being shared from different oral traditions across the feminine world by Woman’s Essence makes you feel like a goddess inside!

Camila Moss
Retired Nurse / Married / Mother of three / Grandmother of five


The workshops are filled with wonder and love. I have been to many and I always leave feeling nourished and eager to learn more!

Isabella Lima
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