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Here are some themes to inspire you to learn more:
* The Art of Being a Lover
* Self-nurturing
 * Connection: With the Self and with Others
* Choosing and Living with the Partner
 * Planetary Types – Who you are in your Personal Essence
* Woman and Sexuality
* The Art of Relating
* Basic Principles of the Feminine Power

Some women feel the desire to learn individually about their essence and about the power, the joy and the wisdom of being a woman.
If this is your case, we provide individual or small group services, in person or online. The session can be done in your residence or online.
We are happy to share in this more personalized way to facilitate whatever knowledge best suits your present moment. It is not a therapeutic session. It is rather knowledge we teach in our workshops and retreats about feminine aspects and about human relationships that have been passed on and learned from oral traditions, in circles of women.

It is so important to take time

for yourself and find clarity.

The most important relationship

is the one you have with yourself.

– Diane Von Furstenberg

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