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Five Roles of the Woman in a Relationship: The Art of Relating

• Improve the relationship with a partner.
• Recognize your weaknesses and strengths in personal relationships.
• Transform habits and beliefs that hinder the relationship.
• Make the relationship an opportunity for self-development.
• Learn about five levels that make the relationship whole.
• Integrate new knowledge in a concrete way in your current or future relationship.


• Inspired by traditional Indian knowledge, updated to the present day.
• Dynamic and experiential course. Through video, audio, texts and exercises.
• Can be done in the suggested five weeks or at your own pace.
• Materials are always available after being sent, to review as many times as you like.


• All women who are interested in improving their emotional relationships.
• For therapists and facilitators of women’s groups who want to enrich their practice.
• To give as a gift to friends, sisters, colleagues, mothers and thus support their feminine.



Relating to others is an art that challenges us daily. And there are no magic models for building happiness for two. When we open up to share life with someone, in a relationship or marriage, in a fleeting or lifelong relationship, we are exposed to a journey of many discoveries and crossings.

A loving relationship that starts out exciting and full of passion can easily turn into a prison. Or in a warm, unsalted, lackluster relationship.

Or in a spicy but destructive hell.How do we relate to each other?

Projecting dreams and expectations?

Loving who he is or what I want him to be?

Do I release or imprison my partner?

Does it grow over time, maturing, or does it stagnate, regress?

Do I cancel myself to please my partner?

Do I sacrifice my dreams and talents?

Do I experience neediness, loneliness or completeness?

Do I feel safe or am I more dependent and fragile?

And does our sex life become mechanical? Warm?

Do I admire my partner or am I continuously the critic?

Could it be any different?


a  Throughout this course, we immerse ourselves in the knowledge and practices that can bring passion, respect, intimacy, trust and lovingness to our relationship with the partner. Integrating needs that often seem opposite: to be one and at the same time maintain individuality, closeness and space for us.


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