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Woman: 4 Seasons, 4 Ages

a  An invitation to beauty and to enjoy each stage of life

  • Were you prepared to enjoy each phase of life with wisdom and pleasure, in your physical and emotional body?
  • Would you like to learn more about the natural and organic phases of a woman’s life?
  • Do you feel that you can enjoy your moment of life more and prepare for the new ages to come?
  • Do you feel it can be revealing to look at your adolescence from a different, unusual and organic point of view?

Benefits of attending this workshop:

1- Understand more deeply about the ages of women based on ancestral knowledge, much older than the science we know, and which are absolutely current.
2- Feel comfortable and at peace (and maybe even full) as your body is seen and felt in each phase of life.
3- Build Rites to celebrate each of the four phases, giving more meaning to each of them.

Most women were not prepared to fully understand and enjoy all their ages.
We naturally have a deep relationship with nature and its cycles. In the same way that the moon has its 4 phases, we women have four ages, each age with its body seen and felt, four phases of the menstrual cycle and the four elements that live in us.

But there is a tendency to value the young woman and try to stretch the youth by the ignorance of the seasons. We have the 16th birthday party to celebrate the entrance into the first age of women, which corresponds to spring, but we do not celebrate the other ages with the same ritualistic intensity, often because we do not even know what they are, nor how to live the different phases from an organic perspective. It’s natural.

If you feel you want to know more deeply the natural cycles of a woman’s life and how to fully enjoy them, join us.


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