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FEMININE ENERGETIC PRACTICES which develop our inner power and protective field, while purifying our subtle bodies, restoring our health, preserving our youth and invigorating our beauty are topics that need to be a part of a modern woman’s lifestyle.

Teresa De Castro

Master of Fine Arts, teacher and businesswoman
Originally from Brazil and a family where strong women were the living example, Teresa discovered the healing joy of gathering with women of different generations to share and learn from a very young age. Her fascination with the body and reverence for both the knowledge and wisdom inside ancient traditions led her to study Ayurvedic Massage in Brazil and in India, Chi Kung and Martial Arts with direct descendants of the Yang Family from China and later become a Pilates Master successfully managing Spiral Pilates and its teaching program for over a decade. A graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts, Teresa danced professionally at the San Francisco Ballet & the Hamburg Ballet in Germany and had been performing for 20 years, when she started co-producing workshops dedicated to the sacred Feminine Arts. Initiated in the temples of Siberia and a student of Siberian Shamanism & Tantra, she loves to integrate movement, yoga, meditation, pranayama & secret priestess temple dances in her practices and workshops. Driven by a passion to facilitate such work, Teresa has joined forces with Maria Angela to share in sisterhood, connect from the heart and teach other inspired women to harness their feminine essence, reconnect to their power and learn efficient skills for cultivating the BEAUTY, the JOY, the PLEASURE and the POWER OF BEING A WOMAN.
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