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Maria Angela Soares Lopes

WOMAN´S ESSENCE RECONNECTION: Profound knowledge of ourselves, beyond culture, beliefs and family patterns, combined with regular practices to maintain this intimate contact can help to bring forth and maintain a strong and relaxed internal state, which is simultaneously energetic and loving, creative and focused, transcending the idea of effort or sacrifice for a state of surrender and commitment. In this process, we can experience glimpses of the true meaning of life.

Master in Education, teacher and businesswoman

Empowered and passionate about integral development and Feminine Essence, through epistemology, noology and Social Cybernetics / Proportionalism.

She found the way of reconnecting women with their essence during her studies, seeking to unravel the mystery surrounding sexuality. In this search, she found secret knowledge and information come from traditions that have been lived and taught orally on this subject for thousands of years.

Her search for knowledge, even took her to sacred places, where she could understand more (and more and more …) about the BEAUTY, the JOY, the PLEASURE and the POWER OF BEING A WOMAN. In the groups she came into contact with, she learned from and practiced much more than what she went searching for.

She found one of the paths to true human development. In the same way she initially learned, that is, through oral transmission, experiences and practices, she continues learning, developing and along with Teresa and TeSer Juntas, helping people in their development and in understanding the true sense of inner integrity, plentitude and the joy of living.

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