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Awakening of the Feminine

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This is a journey through traditional knowledge and practices that, when carried out, contribute that each participant:
• Know and develop your Feminine individuality.
• Raise your self-esteem and self-confidence.
• Integrate feminine qualities into your daily lives.
• Create a more feminine world around you.
• Enrich your relationships.

• For all women who want to get started in women’s knowledge and practices.
• For those who always wanted to participate in women’s circles, but did not find them in their city.
• For those who are already doing this women’s journey and want to go even deeper.
• For those who facilitate groups of women and want to enrich their practice.
• For mothers who want to understand and support their daughters in the feminine journey.
• For those who want to go beyond theory and receive practical knowledge.
• To give as a gift to friends, sisters, colleagues, mother and thus support your feminine.


1- You will receive the course’s e-book by email

2- Four Lessons per week with text do be held over 5 weeks

3- There is no age limit.

Texts can be read or heard. They are objective and quick to read, contain inspiration and information.

Week I: Quietening
Review of our Feminine Model
Nothing Better than Not Doing Anything
My Greatest Love
As Receptive As the Earth

Week II: Fluidity and Beauty
As Supple as a Kitty
I Honor Myself
Pure Beauty
Fluidity and Grace

Week III: Empowerment
The Power of My Lineage
Mirror, mirror on the wall
I Deserve

Week IV: Pleasure and Sensuality
Awakening the Senses
Enchanting and Welcoming

Week V: Intensity
Making Art

The suggested pace of the course is five weeks, each with a theme and four lessons per week. But you can choose the time you will dedicate to each practice, you may want to spend more days on a lesson, or dedicate two weeks to each topic, instead of one.

There can also be unforeseen events, trips, work that make you interrupt the course for a few days… you can always adjust your pace to suit you. At the end of the course, the materials are at your disposal. You can revisit it as many times as you like.

*There is no age limit.

This course is a result of 14 years of experience facilitating women’s groups internationally. 

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