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Mystic Journey of Mary Magdalene: the twelve archetypes



This is a Mystical Journey *Online 

Twelve archetypes, Twelve steps, twelve stations that lead us to know Mary Magdalene and through her, ourselves.

Materials and exercises will be sent in a closed WhatsApp group.

Our classes will be online – in a closed WhatsApp group – in the form of texts, audios and meditative practices to be held over 14 days.


Maria Madalena comes to help us, in these times, to integrate all aspects of the feminine. Woman, disciple, lover, initiator, mystic …

There is no aspect that has not been experienced by this mysterious woman who for a long time was segregated to the background by a church, and a world, which feared the strength and voices of women.

We will start a magical journey – following in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene – crossing with her in a reinterpretation of history and gospels not popularly disseminated, and further into her trajectory until the moment of its final realization in the mountains of Sainte-Baume, France.

Do you want to join this transformative adventure?

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