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Inner Feminine Journey

a  Our intimate Inner Feminine Journey begins when we decide to participate in it. The desire to be among women in a comforting and safe environment, in a harmonious and organic place, is a step on this journey. But for some women, it started much  earlier.

The focus is in answering in an organic way the following questions:

  • What kind of life do I want to live? And… What options in life do I have?
  • Who am I organically, in my depth, in my subtleties and concretely?
  • Is it possible to live my daily life in a way that is conscious, with health, softness, power, connected to love in its most varied ways, while remaining creative, focused and in contact with my inner subtleness?
  • What is the profound meaning of Being a Woman?
  • What ways can I use to develop my feminine individuality?
  • What are the realistic tools to relate harmoniously with other human beings in their individuality (not what we expect them to be)?
  • How can I be my own ideal woman, without needing to follow patterns or fads nor demands to perform a certain way that contributes to the accumulations of stresses and disconnections within my individuality?
  • What is my mission in life?


We invite you to be with us for far beyond the formal protocols we follow in our daily life, where each activity is rigorously planned with strict schedules from beginning to end. All subjects will be approached in a fluid and pleasant way, working the depth and the complexity according to the group’s needs.


We will have breaks between meals.


This will be a time for us to feed ourselves and experience pleasure, while  savoring delicious and healthy food and enjoying the wonders of the environment.


Everyone’s comfort and well-being is a strong value for us.


The shape and dynamics related to the questions above will be tailored according to the needs and characteristics of each group, on what each woman brings as experiences and desires to be explored.


Allow yourself to be in touch with the amazing woman you are.


In the evening, you will also be invited to perform some activities after dinner, but each of you will be free to take part in it or simply delight in receiving the joy of being a spectator.


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