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The Awakening of the Self

a  Come AWAKEN your potential, your INNER LIGHT.

Why awaken?

  • Because in some of us, this primordial essence is dormant. Many of us have been encouraged to meet various external demands and often, other people place their expectations on us and we feel obligated to meet them.
  • In this frenzy, many of us have lost ourselves. And many wonder:
  • Who am I? What do I want? Which are really, my choices?
  • The answer for many women does not come in a fluid way. And it may be difficult to get off the surface and take a deep and true dive into these answers.


In this event, we will immerse ourselves, dive deep into our waters to wake up what is still asleep; reconnect with our potentialities, our authentic and true feminine essence.

We will have breaks between meals.


This will be a time for us to feed ourselves and experience pleasure, while  savoring delicious and healthy food and enjoying the wonders of the environment.


Everyone’s comfort and well-being is a strong value for us.

The shape and dynamics related to the questions above will be tailored according to the needs and characteristics of each group, on what each woman brings as experiences and desires to be explored.


If you feel the call, come and participate! It will be an intense, soft, pleasurable, and respectful journey; welcoming rediscoveries, reconnecting with our feminine power and a deeper connection with yourself and Mother Nature.


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