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Living with Yourself and With Others in quarantine

a  We are all navigating through a special time together during this moment of quarantine, which we call self-retreat.

This is a very unique moment to deepen true intimacy with ourselves and others, both for those who live alone and those who share a space. As well as, to get to know each other better, our attributes, and eventually that, which might cause us discomfort.

Many people who were already navigating through the path of self-knowledge and experiencing a deeper understanding of life and our interconnection with one another, probably feel more comfortable to go through this moment of quarantine/self-retreat.

There is knowledge that can help us to see others in a clearer, more realistic way, instead of from a fantasy that we can create about who they are.

So, we adapted our already established Workshop: “Choosing and Living with the Partner“, to look deeper at ourselves and those with whom we live.

For men and women of any age.

Did you know????

  • Organically there are six different types of people
  • Each of them can present themselves at their most passionate expression, but also contain their shadowy side (aspects that are not always shown or even known by a partner), which is particular to each organic typology.

Knowing each type of person helps us to understand ourselves and the other in a profound way, far beyond what is cultural, social or psychological, therefore, aiding us to make more conscious choices and live in greater harmony with the chosen partner, enjoying what is best in their essential attributes.

Come join us and learn how to live in deeper harmony with your loved ones.


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