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The Art of Being a Lover

a  If this topic causes you discomfort or curiosity,  come find out more.

One of the elements that unites many couples is sexuality; that brings up questions like: “Why didn’t you marry your best friend”? It usually brings forth the answer: Because I was not sexually attracted to him/her; or “Because there was no chemistry between us”.

Sexuality is for many people an important element in a solid relationship. However, many couples consider its importance mostly at the beginning of the union, before they assume or become intensely involved with other roles, such as providers, professionals, parenting, etc. However, sexuality could be maintained, rediscovered and fed along the entire relationship, independent of children, daily life maintenance or age.

For those who have already participated in the workshop “The art of relating: Five Roles of the Woman in Relationships”, this theme is not entirely new, for we discuss the role of the LOVER in the union, there.

In some ancient traditions, women from a young age have learned about the charms, enjoyment and joys of BEING A LOVER, as well as, they’ve learned how to deal with this role in a natural and conscious way.

In reality, this role can be internally strong within the relationship; or at times, it might manifest in a LOVER outside the union.

This workshop is intended for women who want to:

1-    BE A LOVER to her husband or partner.

2-    Know the secrets surrounding the enchantments of BEING A LOVER.

3-    Experience WITHIN YOURSELF and with your partner the lightness, delight, allure and freedom of BEING A LOVER.

4-    Understand sexuality as MUCH, MUCH more than the sexual act, and as the natural and pleasing expression of using the five senses with joy, consciousness and complete awareness.


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