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Self-nurturing: the maternal matrix supporting us

a We built this workshop inspired by the following text from Katrina Raphael – The healing properties of crystals and precious stones

“Consciously, fulfill all the inner blank spaces and learn to trust yourself – no matter what, you will never fail yourself! This kind of self-love is the only basis of real reliability. All the other forms of attachment in life are meant to change, and only the self, united with itself, forms the basis to which one can effectively and naturally adapt to all changes in life.”


Every woman has an internal mother, which nourishes her, and most grow up, but remain in a girlish state, needing to be nourished by external elements.

We have a MATERNAL MATRIX. Many women do not access it completely, which means, they spend their whole lives searching for it.

It is a big step when a woman can understand, access and nourish herself from her Maternal Matrix.



This workshop is intended for women who want to:

  • Consciously fulfill some inner empty spaces.
  • Improve self-confidence.
  • Live the experience that “you will never fail yourself”.
  • Experience self-love as the real basis of security.
  • Meet your inner mother (Maternal Matrix) from which you can nourish yourself.

Designated for women 18+


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