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Connection: with the Self and with others

a  Communicating is an Art with daily challenges and constant and endless learning.

Daily life can have a weight due to several activities we have to perform, and often because we have to deal with people who relate in a toxic manner.

Beyond communicating, this workshop is a personal experience past ourselves, experiencing self-perception and the perception of others with full awareness: understanding, accessing and accepting someone else’s field in a gentle and pleasant way.

We will not propose additional daily activities (which are already so many). We will experience a gentler and more organic approach to deal with some everyday situations.


This workshop is meant for women who want to:

1- Feel and understand another’s point of view.

2- Experience new forms of communication.

3- Experience the art of inner listening and listening to another.

4- And much more that can be awakened within you, by indulging in the subtle and respectful experiences, proposed at this gathering.



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