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Choosing & Living with the Partner – Part 1 – six different types of partners

a  Did you know????

  • Organically there are six different types of partners
  • Each of them can present themselves at their most passionate expression, but also contain their shadowy side (aspects that are not always shown or even known by a partner), which is particular to each organic typology.

Knowing each type of partner helps us to understand ourselves and the other in a profound way, far beyond what is cultural, social or psychological, therefore, aiding us to make more conscious choices and live in greater harmony with the chosen partner, enjoying what is best in their essential attributes.

LOVE is a key element when choosing a partner. 

Many couples, when involved in their daily activities and various roles they likely assume, after the relationship has been consolidated, realize that there are many other elements that can interfere with the quality of the relationship – beyond love. 

The choice of the partner is often made based on what is observed in couples known to the individuals throughout their lives. A selection of aspects that are thought to be valuable is made, but there is much (oh so much more) to be learnt about this topic. 

There is knowledge about our essence, that can help us get to know each other better, learn how to look at potential partners, discern and recognize them and make choices based on the knowledge of the real person, not the expectations nor projections we have of them.

  • Why do I want to have a partner? 
  • How to choose a partner? 
  • I already have a partner, but I still want to better understand who I am, who my partner is and how to apply this knowledge to strengthen our relationship. 

If these questions are important to you, come join us.


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