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Choosing & Living with the Partner – Part 2 – daily techniques

a  When a woman connects to her true feminine essence, she can develop the great Woman’s Power of communicating with assertiveness and creativity while feeling safe and confident. 

We women can act in a mature, conscious, intelligent, creative and transformative way in specific situations and be an element of harmonization for the environment we are in.

In this workshop, we bring forth real situations in the process of choosing the partner and living with him/her that may possibly cause discomfort, and we propose ways to transform them, into pleasant, safe and often even fun experiences. 

The group could also bring daily situations up, so that together, we can create ways to transform them.

You can participate in this workshop even if you have not participated in the previous one:

“Choosing and Living with the Partner – Part 1 – six different types of partners”.


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