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Planetary Types – Part 1 – Your Personal Essence

a  The more we learn about ourselves, the more opportunities we have to enjoy ourselves and savour life. We can also have fewer attachments and thus, less suffering.

We already receive enough information from the external world about who we supposedly are.

The invitation is to discover ourselves in a conscious, gentle and delicate way. In so doing, we can take away what does not belong in us. We can take away from us what are merely adaptations, according to what others have influenced us to believe we are.

We have many mechanisms of adaptation and protection in the world in which we grew up.

Since childhood, many of us have adapted, protected, copied, or done the opposite of what was told to us or what was expected from us. In these situations, we often are not, as we truly are in our essence, being what is fluid and natural to us.

Many processes of self-knowledge are concerned with studying these mechanisms of adaptation, protection, reactions and at times, advise new ways of living.

We want to go to a more essential, deeper place. That place, in our individuality, which is our essence.

There is often a lack of self-knowledge and a lack of knowledge about others, as well as acceptance and understanding of ourselves and others; the way we are and not the way we would like to be.

This is a great existential step. Accepting ourselves, in this deeper place, in our essence is like taking a deep, fresh breath. The way we are and accept others in their individuality, the way they are, instead of wanting to change (fix) them soothes many inner tensions.

Knowing and accepting ourselves helps us to know and accept others and to better enjoy our relationships.

We will get in touch with teachings which are part of primordial knowledge in humanity during this workshop.

Through Seven Archetypes, we will talk about knowledge that is not about the isolated human behavior, but talks about the essence of what a person is and their essential qualities.

This knowledge is not meant to stiffen our view, accuse or justify. It aims to assist in self recognition, appreciation of the other and it seeks to honor oneself and others from the place of our essence.

Knowing and experiencing your Personal Essence could help you:

  • To know yourself more deeply, recognizing and respecting your individuality.
  • To have more wisdom to raise and better deal with your children.
  • To build better relationships with yourself and with each other.
  • To better understand your partner.

In other words, to improve your relationship with yourself, with your partner, with your children and at your work.


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